Canary Temperature Requirements
by Ginger Wolnik

I'm often asked what temperature a canary requires. The simple answer is, any temperature you like to keep your house at!

There is a common misconception that canaries are delicate, tropical birds that cannot take a chill. Actually, they are quite hardy and if acclimated, can survive freezing temperatures! As long as they are not in a draft, they can puff up at night and maintain their body temperature.

In the summer, they can tolerate heat well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit as long as they have access to water and shade. On really hot days, they love getting bath water with shaved ice in it!

Canary breeders often keep their birds outside year round in milder climates such as California and Arizona. In areas where it gets well below freezing, they are often kept in unheated basements or garages. The main limitation is that their drinking water not freeze, the birds themselves will survive freezing temperatures. A few breeders keep them outside in the winter with electric heaters only on the water!

I think the best testimonial about canary temperature tolerance is this following message that was sent to the Canary List. The humidity requirements he mentions are for breeding to prevent the eggs from drying out and are not a concern for the pet owner.

Re: Question re: "perfect" temperature for an Aviary 
Posted by: jayragtop 
Thu Dec 13, 2007 4:13 am (PST) 

Hello Paul and everyone, here is my experience with canaries and

As a kid in Cuba I bred canaries in a screened porch in a very mild,
wonderful climate, lowest temp about 50F and highest about 95F. In New
Jersey I bred canaries in a rooftop aviary that was well sealed against
drafts but uninsulated. I had to put tape heaters on the cage drinkers
to prevent freezing in winter. My canaries would breed in late Feb to
early April, and I would often check in mornings on hens feeding their
chicks with the thermometer reading around 40F, and I rarely lost any of
those early chicks. In Texas I raised canaries in an unheated and
un-airconditioned garage aviary. Again, Draft FREE. In winter it would get
as low as 35F and in summer as hot as 100F. Recently my aviary is within
my house and stays very comfortable.

My experience is that canaries adapt well and perform great at nearly
all temperatures we can withstand, IF its got the right Relative
Humidity, not too dry, more than 40% RH, and not too damp, less than 90% RH;
and their environment is absolutely DRAFT FREE. Drafts are a source of
lethal body heat loss and compromise their health, especially
respiratory system; and leads to premature deaths.

Canaries should be offered cold water baths at least weekly, better
twice a week, all year long. Regardless of temperature its best to do so
early in the day, mornings, so they can be well dried by evening roost.

Hope this helps. Cheers, Jay

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