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[ American Singer Canary ]
American Singer Canary (yellow variegated)

Ginger Wolnik is a private hobby breeder of American Singer canaries since 1988. In 2017, she became an American Singer Master Breeder. All birds are closed banded and registered with the American Singers Club. Many of these birds have won ribbons competing in sanctioned American Singer shows. Ginger's breeding goal is to produce healthy, free-singing birds with a wide variety of notes. Males are guaranteed to sing within 2 weeks in your home, most sing within a day!

Sold Out of birds and not taking any reservations at this time. To find an American Singer canary breeder, search the ASC Breeder Referral List.

Due to my high volume of email, I do not reply to general questions about canaries, please use a search engine like Google.

If you have a specific question that only I might be able to answer, contact me by email:

[ green American Singer canary ]
American Singer (green)
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